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ISBN: 9781491543474

FILENAME: Endymion.pdf

PUBLISH DATE: 21 Oct 2014

Endymion (エンデュミオン , Endyumion ? ) or Space Elevator Endymion (宇宙エレベーター・エンデュミオン , Uchū Erebētā Endeyumion ? ) is a space elevator located in School District 23 that neared its completion in Academy City and was set to open for public prior to the events of September 19.


It is 274 years after the Fall and the universe is in chaos. Raul Endymion, onetime shepherd and convicted murderer, is chosen as a pawn in a cosmic game whose outcome will determine the fate of humanity. Selected as a bodyguard to the next messiah, Endymion will cross time, space, and the very fabric of reality as her protector, lover and finally disciple. At the same time, the enigmatic Shrike--part monster, part killing machine, part avenging angel--has also followed the girl into the 32nd century. Yet it is Endymion who has been chosen to rescue Aenea, against all odds. How will her message change the universe--if she is willing to speak it--and if she does, is humankind prepared to hear it?

1. Endymion, three hardcore artists (Bart Revier, Bas Lint and Jelle Neysfrom) from the Netherlands, are rated among the most popular producers, live-acts and DJ-teams in the world.

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